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Welcome to NwSFA!

Northwest Spinners and Fiber Arts
(Formerly NwRSA)

Do You Need Help to Spin Fiber into Yarn? 

If you have acquired some fiber that you would really like to have spun into yarn but you don't spin, then you have come to the right place. We have several handspinners in our community who are willing to spin for others. Send your details (the fiber type, how much you have in ounces/lbs, and condition of the fiber) to: and we will forward your email to those in our association who would love to accommodate!

Do You Love Fiber? Consider Joining Us!

The Northwest Spinners and Fiber Arts Association is a 501(c3) non-profit organization providing a network of western states promoting a fiber arts community and a communication network.  We are here to help each other build our spinning techniques, materials processing, dyeing and other skills in the fiber arts. Although focused on the Northwest, we welcome all who would like to join. 

If you aren't a member yet, consider joining. Check out what is available to our members by going to the About  menu item and check out Membership Benefits. Or consider joining our mailing list for general notifications. 


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